Art Dolls – a true test of crafting skill

I’ve been making art dolls now for a short while – some small, some really pretty large, but what I’ve discovered is that they really do test your crafting ability in multiple ways. To make just one doll I had to use my skills in pattern cutting, machine sewing, shaping, bead work, jewellery making, drawing, blending pencils, fixing and embroidery.  And that’s just a cloth doll.  Others are made with a vast number of different media – from air dry clay to papier mache to recycled materials.

Art doll making hasn’t hit the UK as it has the US – time to change that I think…

I’ve posted some of my favorite recent finds below.

Goth art doll

Goth art doll by French artist Julien Martinez

Steampunk Art Doll Evil Surgeon

Jack the Ripper doll

Jack the Ripper doll by Natasha Morgan

Captain Nemo's daughter

Captain Nemo’s daughter, one of Marina Bychkova’s amazing dolls

Steampunk rabbit doll

Steampunk rabbit doll by LuLusApple on Etsy

Gothic doll by Virginie Ropars

Burlesque art doll

Burlesque art doll


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