QR Code Crochet Cushion

I’ve got a bit of a thing about monochrome, black and white stuff just turns me on.  So when QR codes came out I loved them from the start.  Before I was obsessed with barcodes – now I’m finding ways to incorporate QR codes into my crafts.

My beaded QR earrings just didn’t work, but I thought I’d share my latest effort with you – combining my love of QR codes with my love of crochet.

Introducing – the very prototype QR cushion

Despite my best efforts my mobile doesn’t read it – it should say OneStickWonder which is the name I sell my own handmade crafts under.  But I made the code with too large a hook/too heavy weight yarn. With a smaller hook and/ or lighter weight yarn it should work…I’m going to keep experimenting.

I’ll post a “how to” when I’ve worked out what size hook works. Until then, have a go yourself. All you have to do is…

  • Go to a free QR code creator site like QuickQR
  • Generate the code you want for your design (fewer words seem to make less complex patterns).  This one says Be Happy
  • Convert into a plan using excel or similar – our use graph paper…the excel example above is the OneStickWonder version
  • Crochet the QR code square – I think I used doubles…change colour by crocheting half the stitch in the existing colour, and finish the stitch in the new colour.
  • The granny square effect around the edges is just a 4 or 5 trebles + 2 ch pattern.

Like I said, I’ll do a proper how to when I’ve got it to the stage when you can read the code with a code reader.

Interactive crochet – its the future 🙂


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