First Published Crochet Design

So its been a while, but I’ve beenRed Worn really busy.  I’ve been decorating so I can move house (need a workshop!) and I’ve been developing my crochet design and pattern writing/charting skills.

Getting the design down has been a breeze, what’s taken an age is learning Adobe Illustrator to do the charts.  Getting there now though 🙂

I’ve just posted my first free patDark Redtern on Ravelry which you can download from the Gyre and Gimble site.  You can now use it to make your very own crochet flower rings.

Enjoy x


Ring or Cheerio Bead Chain Maille jewellery set

I had a lovely time today making a jewellery set with the Czech glass ring beads from the Gyre&Gimble shop.  I adore these beads – they’re perfect for Chain Maille jewellery, which is my new favorite hobby.  Its threatening to take over from crochet…

The AB clear ring bead jewellery set pics – taken at slightly different times in the evening light, you can see the effect it has on the AB clear beads – beautiful aren’t they.  And only 10p.

The bracelet took 15 beads, the necklace took 39 and the earrings took 3 each.

These were so quick to make I made another bracelet with buttons and blue ring beads – I post pics tomorrow as its too dark to take photos now…

QR Code Crochet Cushion

I’ve got a bit of a thing about monochrome, black and white stuff just turns me on.  So when QR codes came out I loved them from the start.  Before I was obsessed with barcodes – now I’m finding ways to incorporate QR codes into my crafts.

My beaded QR earrings just didn’t work, but I thought I’d share my latest effort with you – combining my love of QR codes with my love of crochet.

Introducing – the very prototype QR cushion

Despite my best efforts my mobile doesn’t read it – it should say OneStickWonder which is the name I sell my own handmade crafts under.  But I made the code with too large a hook/too heavy weight yarn. With a smaller hook and/ or lighter weight yarn it should work…I’m going to keep experimenting.

I’ll post a “how to” when I’ve worked out what size hook works. Until then, have a go yourself. All you have to do is…

  • Go to a free QR code creator site like QuickQR
  • Generate the code you want for your design (fewer words seem to make less complex patterns).  This one says Be Happy
  • Convert into a plan using excel or similar – our use graph paper…the excel example above is the OneStickWonder version
  • Crochet the QR code square – I think I used doubles…change colour by crocheting half the stitch in the existing colour, and finish the stitch in the new colour.
  • The granny square effect around the edges is just a 4 or 5 trebles + 2 ch pattern.

Like I said, I’ll do a proper how to when I’ve got it to the stage when you can read the code with a code reader.

Interactive crochet – its the future 🙂