Pliers Going Cheap

I’m selling off some of my stock so I can re-focus on patterns and kits.  So there are some real bargins to be had if you’re starting out yourself or just want to make a bit of cash selling tools and beads.

Currently I’m selling off pliers

200 chain nose pliers, full size, 200 round nose pliers, full size, 50 side cutter pliers and 480 mini chain nose pliers

All pliers are listed until 23rd Nov 2013


Vote for the next Gyre & Gimble Kit

So I’ve a few ideas on the go for new Gyre&Gimble create it kits, but I thought it would be nice if you got involved in the development process and told me which of the kits I have planned you would most like to buy.  Whichever one you choose will be the one I get to market next.  Thanking You x